A Message from Frank the Farmer

Acts 17:17 (NLT) He went to the synagogue to reason with the Jews and the God-fearing Gentiles, and he spoke daily in THE PUBLIC SQUARE to all who happened to be there.

My friends, where is the farmer’s fruit, shown, sold, traded? Is it not in the marketplace, in the public square where everything is presented, shown off, exchanged, and bought up or passed over and rejected by the potential buyers?

What if the fruit you were presenting at market was not the best fruit? Instead, it was the bruised, cast, the soiled, lumpy, wormy, sour, bitter, and unripe?

What if you kept your best fruit where it could not be seen, at home for instance? Would you have a lot of buyers? You would not.

Not only would your fruit be rejected, the reputation of your farm could be hurt by the fruit that you were choosing to bring. Your reputation and the reputation of the Farmer that you work for would be hurt. You might lose future buyers as well. “Oh, not that farm!” 

A farmer could say, “The only people looking at my fruit are other discouraged farmers with similar fruit to show off. So really, just ignore us, we are just griping about the lousy weather, the lousy bugs, the lousy taxes, the lousy blights. We’re just venting to each other so don’t pay us any mind.”

That’s not the way it works. There are always “buyers” in the square. Besides who are we to discourage the discouraged?  Don’t we all need some cheer?

Where are our public squares today, where we meet and exchange ideas? You know the answer. Be reminded, Christian, as I remind myself, you are a branch of the Vine. We need to show off the fruit, the best fruit, in public places as well as at home. And the best fruit is the Fruit of the Spirit, Love, Joy, Peace…Against such, there is no law”

Heavenly Father, may we be reminded this day that we are a “spectacle” to this whole world. Wherever our footprints drop, we represent the Kingdom from the Heavens in the marketplaces of life. 

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