Upon the January 6th Hearings

1Cor. 12:27   Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular.

Read 1 Corinthians 12:12-27.  It tells us how Christian individuals are members of something big called the church.  The passage describes this membership in the church with an extended metaphor comparing the church to a human body.  Every individual believer has a life function in the church like each part of a human body has its function.  The use of this metaphor expresses the element of life that is in the relationship between the members of the church and the church as a whole.  The individuals give life to the church and the church gives life to the individuals.  Neither can spiritually live without the other.  This is a unique part of the Christian experience – truly of all human experience!  The believer’s relationship with the church is the only member/group relationship in human experience that has this vital “life quality.”  Not even marriage imparts this “life quality” to an individual.

I bring up the life that comes with church membership because of the January 6th Committee hearings that began Thursday night.  The televised hearings most assuredly contained and stirred up powerful emotions of patriotism and criticism, no matter whether you side with the accusers or the accused.  As a leader of believers, I want to calm those emotions.  I want to bring some perspective to them.

There are a lot of groups and members of groups that came into play on January 6th, before the 6th, and up until now.  To name a few: Trump supporters, Proud Boys, Republicans, Democrats, Capitol Police, the Trump White House Staff, The Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the Capitol, “Stoppers of the Steal,” and “Stoppers of the Lie.”  A person’s membership in any of these groups does not give spiritual life.  For that reason, membership in any of these groups is much less important than our membership in the church.  Let’s never forget that.

You are going to carry your patriotism with you wherever you go.  You shouldn’t carry anger, but you may carry critical opinions.  Fair enough.  You are an American, after all.  But you should never allow your personal feelings about current political events separate you from the church where God placed you.  You possess no human relationship that is like your association with the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is His body.  He is the Head.  Your spiritual life depends on your membership in the church.  No other human association means as much.  And there is no human association through which you can do more good than through your relationship with the church.

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